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SMAFI 24Version Française

In 1986 Gérard Naboulet had the bright idea of setting up SMAFI 24, a business based on :
• The design and production of a nailing machine.
• The renovation and production of industrial food-processing machinery.
• Boiler-making, mechanical engineering/welding, conveyor belts, mechanical engineering design.

SMAFI is composed of a group of production/sales partners and has a catalogue of items in stock as well as proposing specific services and constructions.

Our credentials : Certificat Qualibat, Nailing Machine Patent 1998, 4th prize in the Concours Innover 2000.

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SMAFI 24 also offers advice and provides service, as well as a complete range of HTH products and accessories for the maintenance of your swimming pool, spa and Jacuzzi.


-Water treatment
- Analysis and technical service
- Hygiene and water quality
- Proportions and regulations
- Upkeep, repairs, sale
- Service contracts

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Mechanical Construction – Water Treatment

24140 St Jean d’Estissac

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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).