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 Monsac Social Events Committee (‘Amicale Laïque’) Version Française

This year the Amicale Laïque of Monsac will be celebrating its 60 years of existence.

During those 60 years, it has worked hard to bring the people of Monsac and the surrounding areas together, in a spirit of friendship and good humour, and aims to keep doing it for many years to come!

Equally, we bid a warm welcome to all visitors to this page and thank you for your interest in our Association.

Please see our Calendar of Events :


The Amicale supports four main regular activities:

- The "Club des loisirs" (Pensioners' Club) which brings together the older members of our community for various activities, such as outings, meals, boules, cards and monthly social meetings.

- The "Club Moto" (Motorbike Club) a really dynamic club, which organises a number of "meets" during the year, as well as meals and outings.

- The "Chorale de Monsac" (Monsac Choir) which has expanded from year to year and is often to be seen (and heard) at Amicale events

- Finally, we give financial support to the "Cantine de Monsac" (Monsac School Canteen) which enables the school cook to give the children a little bit more than the "regular fare".

And, even though they are not part of the Amicale, we would also like to mention our friends in the "4 x 4" club and the hunters of the "Société de Chasse".

Through this wide range of activities, we try to ensure that MONSAC will always be a friendly and dynamic community in which to live.

So, once again, thank you for your interest in our work.


Monsac Social Events Committee (‘Amicale Laïque’)
Mairie de Monsac
24440 Monsac
Tel: +33 (0)
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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).