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"Les Pesqueyroux" Association

Inauguration of the 1986 Exhibition


Founding of Les Pesqueyroux (26th March 1984)
A first meeting (the constitution-making General Assembly) took place on 26 March 1984, four years after the «VillageAlive » event. Most of those involved in the earlier event were present at the meeting. The mayor, Roger Besse, pledged the support of the local council. Also present were Mme Josette Griffoul of the departmental office of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Henri Gonthier the last person to work on the Dordogne boats and whose testimony remains absolutely invaluable and M. Gérard Doumenge who, as president of the association « The Happy Gabariers », brought with him a wealth of experience. Many local people were also present offering their skills as artisans, historians, organisers etc.


Annual general 2004


During the course of the meeting a decision was taken to use a ‘River Transport Day’ as the pretext for setting up an officially recognised association and on 19 April 1984 the statute was published in the Official Journal : the «Association of Historical Research for the Sites and Traditions of the Central Valley of the Dordogne» (A.R.H.R.V.S.T.), Les Pesqueyroux, was born. It was now time to turn to action and the financial means to do so far outweighed anything seen so far.


The involvement of university lecturers and researchers has added a new dimension to the exhibitions with help from experts in the field such as François Beaudoin of the Conflans Sainte Honorine River Transport Museum, Yann Laborie of the Bergerac River Transport Museum and Anne-Marie Cocula Vaillières, lecturer at the University of Bordeaux whose book, Un Fleuve et des homes (A River and Its Men), created quite a stir in university circles when it came out three years ago. Other experts will also be involved in future exhibitions.

Financially, the association has always relied heavily on the support of the commune of St Capraise; since the association’s creation till the present day, through four changes of local council, “Les Pesqueyroux” has always benefited from the financial and logistical help of the town hall. The General Councillor, Michel Suchod, who has always admired the association, managed to obtain subsidies for it through the Contrat de Pays.

The first exhibition of 25 July – 5 August 1984 proved a great success, with local residents, local politicians and presidents of other associations present at the inaugural speeches given by Roger Besse, the Mayor, the President of Félibrige, the Majoral Monestier and the General Councillor, Michel Suchod. “Les Pesqueroux” has always been able to count on the presence of such local figures in events organised since then.
One-off payments have helped certain other projects come to fruition such as funds provided by the canal-side town halls for a book about the Dordogne or funding from the Pays du Grand Bergeracois to mount an exhibition of paintings.