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"Les Pesqueyroux" Association

Exhibition about the Dam


The Era of Exhibitions (1984 -1988)

The organisation of the first exhibition shaped the years to come and gave the association its particular character.
A first particularly marked trend of Les Pesqueyroux was its ability to create a loyal network of people - exterior to the commune - prepared to invest in the project with local people : Yann Laborie is always available with his valuable advice, architect Jean-Loup Daele provides constant technical know-how, Josette Griffoul offers the support of the departmental office of the Ministry of Youth and Sport as well as sponsorship from the Crédit Mutuel.

A «Taoulade»

Les Pesqueyroux’s strong involvement in local politics and other associations is another aspect representative of the association; many of its members are local councillors, or presidents or on the Board of Directors of other associations. Numerous members therefore are in direct contact with local representatives (mayors, local or general councillors, even M.Ps) many of whom support the association and, in return, are better known locally.

The third particularity of the association is its cultural nature which, although frequently incites admiration, also provokes jealousy. To try and rid itself of its slightly elitist image the association organised in 1985 a « Taoulado » or al fresco meal, got the St John the Baptist Fireworks up and running again, organised a second-hand fair and even went so far as to hold bingo evenings.
Each exhibition, however, was a great success. Four exhibitions followed hard on the heels of the «River Transport » of 1984 : In 1985, « The Dordogne from One Dam to Another » for the eightieth anniversary of the building of the Tuilières dam; in 1986, « The Canton of Lalinde in 1900 » based on old post cards ; in 1987 « Rural Architecture in the Canton of Lalinde » and finally, in 1988, « The 150th Anniversary of the Digging of the Canal ». The exhibitions were of an extremely high quality but the team felt they were running out of themes. The cultural wing of the association had had a fulfilling five years with the exhibitions but, despite the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the events and exhibitions sector closed in 1999. However, the preservation of local heritage - the third wing of the association - remains a major preoccupation of the association and as early as 1985 Les Pesqueyroux set about protecting the Tuilières dry dock. With the end of the exhibitions and other events, the main activity of Les Pesqueyroux became the preservation of all that relates to the Dordogne River, and river transport in particular.