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John BOST Foundation Version Franšaise

A place of life, a place for care

The John BOST Foundation, established in 1848 by Pastor Jean-Antoine, known as "John", is a private Protestant non-profit organization, whose work is medical-social and health. Recognised for its public usefulness in 1877, it performs public hospital services.

A Place for Care, Life and the Senses
Created in 1848
by the pastor John Bost, the John Bost Foundation is a protestant, charitable, health and socio-medical institution and public service provider, recognised as such since 1877.

The Foundation welcomes children, adolescents, adults and the elderly suffering from psychological conditions and physical/mental handicap as well as elderly dependent persons in need of specialised care.
There are about one thousand two hundred and thirty places at the Foundation divided into accommodation in thirty-two "pavilions" or socio-medical wards. The residents are cared for in a peaceful and open environment "without walls or fences". More than one thousand seven hundred employees with many different training backgrounds make up the multidisciplinary team. There are medical, paramedical, care-work, educational, technical and administrative staff members.

The Foundation originated in the Dordogne in Aquitaine and currently has centres in four other regions - the Midi-Pyrenees, Limousin, Ile de France and Haute-Normandie.

The Foundation has developed an original programme of support for the residents in the form of a personalised therapeutic project which takes a global approach to the person encompassing medical, psychotherapeutic, educational, social, cultural and spiritual aspects.

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24130 La Force
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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).