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Friends of Monbos ChurchVersion Française

The aim of the association, Friends of Monbos Church, established July 2000, is to help make the church and its history better known.
The association continues to help with the restoration work that was undertaken several years ago by a group of local people anxious to preserve their heritage.
Concerts are organised in the church as a way of bringing life to the place and increasing its renown in a both pleasant and efficient manner.
The association is keen to continue with work already undertaken and always acts in close partnership with Thénac local council, the parish and the Board of Historical Monuments.
Our members are people who appreciate the beauty of the church, the quality of the music and the warm welcome which we try our best to extend to everybody during the summer concerts.

The little church is open all year round in an increasingly well-maintained environment ; it is now lit up as soon as dusk falls so it can be enjoyed during the evening.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).