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La Confrérie du Raisin d’Or
(The Brotherhood of the Golden Grape)

A Chapter Meeting is a public and festive event at which members of the confraternities meet and present their local produce.
Our Chapter Meeting is held every third Sunday in July. We welcome approximately 45 confraternities from all over France and, occasionally, abroad.
A) A Chapter Meeting begins with a traditional Church mass.
B) It continues with a parade through the village and the Wine Fair.
C) Then we proceed with the inauguration ceremonies. This is the moment we acknowledge and celebrate individuals' contributions to culture, arts, heritage, or gastronomy. The inauguration of confreres to the Chapters also takes place.
D) The Chapter Meeting concludes with a convivial meal at which Confreres discover the wine and gastronomy of Bergerac.

The Chapter's Habit

The cape is composed of two colours
RED refers to the colour of the wines of Bergerac.
The GOLDEN LINING symbolises the colour of sweet wines as they age.

The TASTEVIN (Wine Cup)
Ambassadors wear a SCARF composed of the two colours.

Ambassadors in various regions of France, Australia, England and Canada.