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For the Children of Beleyme

Environmental education

Youth Environment Workshop
The challenge of the young, countryside-orientated team who organise the centre’s rambles and camps is to make discovering the countryside fun for their 6 to 12 year-old charges.
The educational garden can accommodate classes, recreation centres, groups of any kind, to address all possible themes via activities: the garden, compost, the pond, waste, birds, insects ...
For further informatio : +33 (0)
Contact : Gaël Campmas 



-Resource Centre for Environmental Education and Practical Ecology
The centre enables students to search, consult and borrow documents related to countryside and environmental projects. Its strong points : the garden, nature, the countryside, eco building, a directory of agents in the Greater Bergerac Area and in the Dordogne.
The coordinators also accompany you in developing a project to discover nature, the environment, or to look for training or resource persons

General facilitators, teachers, elected officials, we can consider your project if you wish.
For further information : +33 (0)
Contact : Bruno Dallongeville or Nadège Gouzilh

Countryside and Environment Workshops

Help with organising nature and environment projects from workshop organisers, teachers, local councillors etc. We can look into any project that you present us with.
For further information : +33 (0)
Contact : Bruno Dallongeville


Social and occupational integration

-Water Purification and Similar Improvements

Our "green spaces" team carries out improvements such as repairing waste stabilization ponds, maintenance work on river banks using bioengineering techniques, and restoring wetlands, for individuals and for local authorities.
For further information : +33 (0)
Contact : Bruno Dallongeville or Wilfried Correggio

Log Furniture Workshop
Developing a natural resource of Central Perigord; expressing the creativity and expertise of employees in integration; producing furniture that is ecological, aesthetic, sustainable, these are the intentions of this integration workshop since 2005.
For further information : +33 (0)
Contact : Bruno Dallongeville or Wilfried Correggio

Community integration garden
The garden provides an open invitation to poetry, to chatting. It is also a place where one can work on a voluntary basis and swap plants and gardening tips. Professional gardeners are often present to welcome amateurs.
For further information : +33 (0)
Contact : Bruno Dallongeville or Wilfried Correggio

Communication and social ties

The ‘Pays Fantôme’ Newsletter
The free, quarterly newsletter is distributed to 4300 homes in the cantons of Vergt and Villamblard as well as in numerous point of deposit (town halls, groceries of Villamblard and Pont St Mamet)..
It contains practical information, interviews, articles about the local environment to discover, a passion or a know-how to be shared, one contact :
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