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ARAH : La Force Archaeological and Historical Research Association

La Force Château


Board of Directors :

- Honorary Presidents : Louis Eckert, Henri-Jacques de Caumont La Force, Philippe Jayle, Michel Souloumiac, Armand Zaccaron

- President : Jacques-Henri Cremer

- Vice-presidents :
Gérard Fonmarty
Jacques Valentin

- Secretary : Marie Thérèse Trouillard
- Assistant Secretary : Lucette Bonhomme

- Archivist : Michel Souloumiac

- Treasurer : Marguerite Chauvin
- Vice-treasurer : Michel Billerot

- Head of Publications : Jacques-Henri Cremer, Marie Thérèse Trouillard

- Members :
Nicole Garitey
Marie-claire Omin

- Honorary members :
Omer Baudry
Fernand Ferney (he died)


The tomb of the Marquis de Lavalette


The Board of Directors, summoned by the president, meets regularly (every 2 months in principle) at La Force house of Associations

The AGM is held in January every year in the Lestrade Room at La Force Town Hall.

Regular contact is maintained with «Villamblard Taillefer Association», The Historical Society of the Protestantism of the Valley of Dordogne, «Friends of Tresseroux», Friends of Ste Foy, Périgord Association of Friends of mills, the Association of the Friends and Passionate of the Père Lachaise, Caumont and his history

ARAH has nearly 100 members and several of the canton’s local councils participate with annual funding.