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ARAH : La Force Archaeological and Historical Research Association

A house in Le Fleix

  ARAH Publications :
-The Three Churches of Prigonrieux by Omer Baudry : 8€
-La Force at the beginning of the XXème century : (exhausted)
-Les Croix de Chemins (‘Roadside Crucifixes’)  : 8€
-Cemeteries and private tombstones : 12€
-Mlle de la Force, a little known 17th-century author by Michel Souloumiac : exhausted
-The Marquis de Lavalette, Ambassador and Minister of the Second Empire by Christian Chandon and Michel Souloumiac - 18€
-DVD of the "Château de la Force" - 12€
-Booklet about chronological dating: 5€
-Water Heritage in the Region of La Force  : sold out

-Booklet « Died from 14-18 » : exhausted
-The collection of ARAH’s newsletters 1 to 52 : 200€ 
-Newsletter Index 1 to 38 : 3€
-“The Old and New Périgord” by Canon Brugière: 12€
-Commander Pinson - Resistance in the Area of La Force by Michel Seetharam: 15€
-Looking for the Vanished Castle of La Force: exhausted
-Monograph of the canton’s [administrative district] school teachers in 2012: “The Canton’s Villages through the Eyes of its Primary School Teachers” with postcards of the era and corresponding current photos, price: 12€
-Sale of a DVD "Memory of Residents of La Force” during the years 1940 to 1960, price: 18
From Périgord to the New France where the Périgordins emigrants to 17th and 18th century left towards North America, by Michel Souloumiac : €15

Activities 2017

-Our 2016 AGM was held on 28 January 2017.
-Our March Conference took place on 24 March 2017. It was entitled "Motte-and-Bailey Castles in the Périgord" and was given by Ghislaine Lajonie.
-Our May outing to Château de Bonaguil is scheduled for 20 May 2017 and will include a guided visit of the castle and of the village of Pujols.
-For Heritage Days the ARAH organizes with the foundation John Bost and La Force Town Hall, the visit of the Museum; the House John and Eugénie Bost, this museum must to be opened to the spring.
"Rendez-vous" for a visit to 02:30 PM. The museum is situated next to the reception of the foundation in La Force.
Then to 03:30 PM : visit commented of the village; the door of the detached house of the recipes of the castle and its history, the temple dated 1610, the war memorial .....
- Our event on 2 days, on Saturday, 07th and Sunday, October 08th in Saintonge, with visit of the Gallo-Roman site to Thalmont on Gironde (site of the mill of Fâ).
The site of Brouage citadel or naval base of 16e, 17e century, the Abbey of Sablonceaux then, The abbey to the Ladies of Saints, the hurdy-gurdy city, the abbey church Eutrope society among others.
For any information contact by telephone the ARAH :

-Our November Conference shall have Archaeology as its theme and shall be led by Mr C. Chevillot.
-This year's AGM shall take place on 27 January 2018.