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ARAH : La Force Archaeological and Historical Research Association

A house in Le Fleix

  ARAH Publications :
-The Three Churches of Prigonrieux by Omer Baudry : 8€
-La Force at the beginning of the XXème century : (exhausted)
-Les Croix de Chemins (‘Roadside Crucifixes’)  : 8€
-Cemeteries and private tombstones : 12€
-Mlle de la Force, a little known 17th-century author by Michel Souloumiac : exhausted
-The Marquis de Lavalette, Ambassador and Minister of the Second Empire by Christian Chandon and Michel Souloumiac - 18€
-DVD of the "Château de la Force" - 10€
-Booklet about chronological dating: 5€
-Water Heritage in the Region of La Force  : sold out

-Booklet « Died from 14-18 » : exhausted
-The collection of ARAH’s newsletters 1 to 54 : 210€ 
-Newsletter Index 1 to 38 : 3€
-“The Old and New Périgord” by Canon Brugière: 12€
-Commander Pinson - Resistance in the Area of La Force by Michel Seetharam: 15€
-Looking for the Vanished Castle of La Force: exhausted
-Monograph of the canton’s [administrative district] school teachers in 2012: “The Canton’s Villages through the Eyes of its Primary School Teachers” with postcards of the era and corresponding current photos, price: 12€
-Sale of a DVD "Memory of Residents of La Force” during the years 1940 to 1960, price: 10
From Périgord to the New France where the Périgordins emigrants to 17th and 18th century left towards North America, by Michel Souloumiac : €15

Activities 2018

- Our general assembly 2017 is kept on January 20th, 2018

- Our conference of March will be held 23rd sale "Lestrade" next to the Town hall : Anne-Marie Cocula, Historian aggregated by history), Montaigne university of Bordeaux will present us the book "Histoire de Bergerac" of which it is one of co-authors;

- Our spring exit will take place on May 26th and will be the day Henri IV, visit with reception by the association Caumon and her history (Caumon on the Garonne).

- Meal on place and visit of the mill of the tours of Barbaste then Nérac with a guide Storyteller.

- In September we shall liven up in The Strength Heritage Days.

- On October 6th our event will be around the visit of Lascaux IV.

- On November 30th Mrs Gody aggregated of History will liven up a conference on "14/18 100 years later" with exhibition "salle Lestrade" on December 30th and 31st.

- During all this year of 2018 we shall continue our research; "the houses of the canton of La Force which have a history to be told".

- Our General assembly will be held in the end of January, 2019.