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Yull Brunet - Yull le RenouillusVersion Française

Yull Brunet - Yull le Renouillus offers original, convivial entertainment for all your theme parties, commercial entertainment, street shows, cocktail parties, private viewing, crafts fairs (producers, Christmas), Cafés de pays®, antiques-secondhand goods, weddings, entertainment at the old-style village “le Bournat, 24 Le Bugue”, all festive events...

A great moment of guaranteed pleasure to share!

Several original shows :
- Accompanied by a barrel organ with a repertory of French songs (A.Bruant, Paris, MontMartre, les Guinguettes, Piaf, Brel, Aznavour, Dassin, Nougaro etc…)

-Recital of French songs with Janiss’ Cole, accompanied by a pianist or soundtracks, relive the greatest names in French song: Mouloudji, Reggiani, Brel, Trenet, Gainsbourg, Moustaki, William Sheller, Nougaro, Enzo Enzo, Barbara etc…


New : release of a new album «Rentre dans mon jardin» :

-Street crier – Huckster – Rural security agent
Announce and lead your events in the old-fashioned way.
Communicate in a real way your commercial activities, product promotions, street shows, announcements of good news.

Numerous references in France and abroad.

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Yull Brunet - Yull le Renouillus
24100 Bergerac
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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).