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Bénédicte Champetier de RibesVersion Française

Bénédicte Champetier de Ribes
Born : 30.01.44
Painter - Visual Artist

66 rue Waldeck Rousseau
24100 Bergerac

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  From 1960 Bénédicte Champetier de Ribes spent time in various studios : « La Grande Chaumière » « Julien » and « Pennhingen ». In 1961 with other young, local artists she exhibited her work in Paris and in a variety of museums holding appropriate exhibitions (women artists etc.).
There is little continuity in her style - if only a continual desire to experiment with a multitude ideas and to translate them into works of art via different techniques. The influence of different periods of her life on her work (among other things for instance, raising a family) is clear.

Her painting is essentially instinctive and emotional and therefore strongly linked to the environment. Techniques are sometimes used as much by chance as anything else; sometimes they are adopted following fruitful exchanges with other artists. At the moment acrylics, with their immensely adaptable and easy to use nature, are a favourite although pigments work better on certain canvas supports and in certain sizes.
A wonderful exhibition gallery was created in an 18th-century winery next to the studio. It is open Thursday to Friday or on go.
It is open during the summer months. However, it is preferable to let him know by SMS or by e-mail.

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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).